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Akust is committed to providing total customer satisfaction. If you need technical support or setting up a RMA, please contact us with the form below. We will do our best to help resolve your issue. You will be contacted within two business days.

Akust Limited Warranty

Akust warrants to the end user, that this product will be free from material defects in material and workmanship, will conform to Akust’s published product specifications and be fit for normal use during the Warranty Period specified on the product packaging or as listed in the attached listing commencing on the date of purchase provided that the product is legally placed on the market.
Akust may at its option repair this product or provide you with an equivalent product; and if unable to repair or replace the product, will refund the purchase price less a usage fee of 10% of the purchase price for each year since the date of purchase. Akust will not be liable for indirect or consequential damage (including loss of data), or for damage caused by improper use (including use in an incompatible device and use not in accordance with the instructions), or by improper installation, unprofessional repair, modification or accident. This constitutes Akust’s entire liability which will never exceed the price you paid for it, plus the necessary costs you made for the warranty claim. Akust products must not be used in applications where failure could threaten injury or life, such as life support systems. AKUST DISCLAIMS ALL EXPRESS AND IMPLIED WARRANTIES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. IF AKUST CANNOT DISCLAIM IMPLIED WARRANTIES UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, THEN TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, SUCH IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTY. THE WARRANTY DURATION ON ANY REPLACED PRODUCT WILL BE THAT PORTION OF THE WARRANTY PERIOD REMAINING ON YOUR ORIGINAL PRODUCT.
National, state and local laws may grant you other rights that are not affected by this warranty.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Before submitting a warranty claim, we suggest you contact our technical support group for technical assistance.
Valid warranty claims should be processed through your point of purchase during the first thirty (30) days after purchase. This period may vary depending on where you purchased your product; please verify the return policy with the retailer where you purchased your product. Any warranty claims that cannot be processed through your original point of purchase should be addressed directly to Akust.

Request a RMA

To make a warranty claim please contact Akust at the Support Contact tab within the warranty period and provide proof of purchase (showing date and place of purchase and name of retailer). All RMA requests must also include the following information for processing.
• Akust part number or product description
• Return quantity
• Reason for return
All RMA requests are reviewed and confirmed within two business days.

Akust Case Accessories Products

Warranty Period (Years)

LED Modding 2
Converter Brackets Lifetime*; 10**
PCI I/O Brackets Lifetime*; 10**
Dust Filters 2
Standoffs, Spacers Lifetime*; 10**
Screws Lifetime*; 10**
Controller Panels 2
Noise Reduction Lifetime*;10**

Akust Cooling Accessories Products

Warranty Period (Years)

Heatsinks Lifetime*;10**
Cooling Fans 2
Fan Ducts Lifetime*; 10**
HDD Cooling 2
Notebook Cooling 2
Noise Reduction 2
Liquid Cooling 2
Thermal Paste 2

Akust Memory Accessories Products

Warranty Period (Years)

Heatspreaders Lifetime*;10**
Cooling Fans 2

Akust SSD Accessories Products

Warranty Period (Years)

Enclosures Lifetime*;10**
Converters 2
Adapters 2

Akust Other Products

Warranty Period (Years)

Dust Covers Lifetime*;10**
Wrist Pads Lifetime*;10**
Tools Lifetime*;10**

Akust Cables Products

Warranty Period (Years)

Wire Management 2
Cables 2
Adapters 2

* Lifetime = مدى الحياة / жизнен цикъл / Doživotní záruka / levetid / Levenslange / Eluaegne / elinikäinen / à vie / Lebenslang / Διάρκεια ζωής / élethosszig tartó / A vita / Mūža garantija / Naudojimo terminas / Livstid / Ważność Gwarancji / Ilimitada / Pe viaţă / Срок службы / životnosť / trajanje / indefinida / Löptid / Ömürboyu /終身保固 /终身保证 /유효기간 /無期限
** Germany and regions not recognizing lifetime / l’Allemagne et les régions ne reconnaissant pas la garantie à vie